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HP "bug" Not a Bug at all!

Posted by Trinity Widgets on 10/11/2016

As you’ve probably noticed, Wholesale Widgets Inc has been slowly phasing out HP.  Why?  Aside from the yearly price increases (sources show in 2012 HP raised their legacy items as high as 17%) as well as HP making it more difficult for distributors to buy their product, and now HP is now updating the firmware on the printers without the consumer being offered the choice to do so.  In the past, customers had the option to elect to update the firmware on their printers, even having to manually download it themselves, but now consumers with Microsoft 10 are noticing that it is allowing permission for HP to make firmware updates as part of the of the consistent MS updates that people are used to, eliminating your option to choose.

Case in point:

Starting on September 13, 2016, reports began circulating that an HP firmware update on OfficeJet and OfficeJet Pro inkjet printers and all-in-ones using the HP 934/935, HP 950/951, and HP 970/971 cartridge families prevented the use of many third-party cartridges.

“HP has confirmed that new firmware that was considered a bug by some, making HP printers incompatible with third-party ink cartridges, was not a bug but an intentional update and there was not going to be another one that would resolve the problem. The company said that the initial update was conceived last year and was pre-programmed in some of the printers and part of a firmware update in others.”   Source: Industry News,

“Whatever method HP used to make changes to firmware that caused problems for third-party cartridges users worldwide starting on September 13, it seems clear that HP will continue to use firmware updates as a means of preventing the use of non-OEM cartridges with third-party chipsets. It also appears that more of these firmware updates are happening automatically, without the end user necessarily being aware of the changes.

HP’s goal is clear—to keep as much of its installed base as possible buying HP original cartridges. Why would the firm want to do anything else? We should not expect a world in which HP actually makes things simple for the aftermarket and aftermarket cartridges users. To put it colloquially—it ain’t gonna happen.

Thus, aftermarket chipmakers and third-party cartridges makers and resellers will face an ongoing challenge anytime an OEM like HP updates firmware. Yet, third-party chipmakers seem up for the challenge—they are designing more firmware resistant chips and redesigning chips as necessary rapidly after firmware updates. HP developing new firmware as barriers and the aftermarket doing its best to jump the hurdles are just part of the aftermarket industry’s unique market dynamics. “  Source: Christina Bonadio, Executive Editor Actionable Intelligence.

Wholesale Widgets Inc is proud to offer our customers as many choices as possible to ensure you get the cartridges you need at the low prices you want!  Currently other printer manufacturers have yet to get as aggressive as HP.  We recommend researching printers based on your needs and their capabilities in order to make an informed decision.

Wholesale Widgets Inc does not endorse any brand.  We are a wholesale distributor of imaging supplies and are happy to provide our customers with top quality compatible as well as OEM supplies for your machine.

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