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Ink wont print

Posted by Trinity Widgets on 11/23/2015
Ink wont print

The first thing to do is to ensure that you are installing the correct ink into its corresponding drum. 

Are you installing the right ink for your machine.?

In most machines, you cannot place a black ink into a color drum and vice versa.  Are you installing a black ink into the black drum or the color ink into the color drum?

All inks, both Riso and compatible are basically “glorified tubes of toothpaste! “The ink and their cartridges do nothing until the machine sucks the ink into the drum. 

If you have ensured the proper ink/drum combination is correct and the machine will still not print, here are some suggestions:


  • ALWAYS store your duplicator tubes with the cap-side down, in a climate controlled environment.
  • If you experience air bubble problems, do not remove/reinsert cartridge repeatedly as you may experience air bubbles in the feed-lines.

Resolution 1:

  •  Remove the ink cartridge from the machine.
  • Holding the ink with the spout facing up, depress the back of the ink plunger slowly but firmly until the ink is flush with the top of the spout.
  •  Reinsert the ink and continue printing.

Resolution 2:

  • Remove the ink cartridge from the machine.
  • Replace the cap on the cartridge.
  • Firmly tap the ink with the cap side down onto a table top
  • Reinsert the ink and continue printing.
Resolution 3:

  • If the above suggestions do not resolve your air bubble issues, there may be cause to believe the air bubbles have migrated into the suction feed line.
  • Keep hitting print until the issue is resolved, or
  • Call a technician to service the machine.  They have a special suction machine that pulls the air out of the lines, however this option can be very expensive.

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