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Know Your Rights!

Posted by Lisa Fisli on 3/25/2015
Know Your Rights!

Fortunately for the customer, the office equipment industry is very competitive. As we all know, the more competition there is, the more competitive everyone’s prices must be. It is because of competition that our prices are so low. Unfortunately, we often hear from our customers that their Service Company informed them that customers must only purchase products directly from the Service Company, or they must purchase only (OEM) supplies. That statement is just as silly as a car dealer requiring that you purchase your gas only from the dealership, or that you use only Quaker State Motor Oil in your car or they will void your warranty. It is a shame that some service companies feel they must try and bully customers into buying supplies instead of just offering superior service and low prices.

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Please read the following because only you can protect your rights!


A machine manufacturer or Service Company cannot require you to purchase from them or charge you for a service call simply because you are not purchasing supplies from them. To do so would be a violation of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust acts, which prohibits “tying” current sales contingent upon the outcome of future sales. They also cannot require that you purchase (OEM) brand supplies. To make that requirement, they would have to conclusively demonstrate and prove that other brands are incompatible with their machine. The original brand supplies that we sell not only meet all manufacturer specifications, they are the manufacturer product made for their machines. If you decided to purchase a compatible brand from, rest assured that all the compatibles we sell meets the manufacturer’s specifications.


A manufacturer or Service Company cannot legally void your warranty for using supplies purchased somewhere else. Buying supplies from Wholesale Widgets, Inc. will not void your service contract or warranty. Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and general principles of the Federal Trade Commission Act, a manufacturer cannot require the use of any brand of supply unless the manufacturer or Service Company supplies them free of charge under the terms of the warranty.


So, if you are paying for your supplies separately from your service contract, please realize that you are not obligated to buy supplies from anyone. Your Service Company should be honored that you choose them for your service needs. If after you show this to your Service Company, they still say something to the contrary, have them put it in writing…We did! If there are any questions, please feel free to contact We have the freedom of competition in this country, and you have the freedom to purchase supplies from the dealer of your choice.


This is the American Way!

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